Atty. Libayan talks about Francis and Pia Magalona’s wedding issue

Celebrity lawyer Atty. Ranny Randolf B. Libayan discussed the wedding issue of Francis and Pia Magalona.

It can be recalled that former producer Robby Tarroza claimed that Pia was already married to her first partner even before she met Francis, so the former believed the master rapper was technically single.

However, aside from his statements, Robby didn’t show any documents that would prove that Pia was indeed married to her first partner.

Libayan talked about the possible scenarios and the legality of Pia’s wedding to Francis in Hong Kong.

According to Libayan, if Pia was indeed married, her marriage with Francis was considered invalid in the Philippines.

However, if Pia’s rumored wedding with her partner abroad were declared void, her marriage with Francis would be considered ‘valid.’

“Pero ang issue diyan kung merong kasal doon [sa abroad] at naparehistro tapos hindi ‘yun nadeclare na void, before nagkaroon ng kasal illegal parin ‘yung kasal nila. Why? Because the Supreme Court said that for the purposes of remarriage dapat magkaroon ng declaration of nullity of marriage,” said Libayan.

Pia and Francis’ wedding would also considered legal if the Philippine Law didn’t recognize the former’s union with her partner abroad.

He also said that if Pia and Francis’ wedding in Hong Kong were not registered in the Philippines, it would also considered invalid.

If Pia and Francis were not married, she would also lose her rights to an inheritance, and only the children of the master rapper would receive a part of his estate.

“Kung walang asawang lehitimong asawa si Francis M, ang lehitimong magmamana lang ay ang mga anak niya, all in equal shares,” he stated.

There would also be a possibility that Francis and Pia were indeed married if their children were carrying the ‘Magalona’ surname, as they would not get the last name of their father if their parents were not legally wed.

It can be recalled that only in 2004 did the law allow children born out of wedlock to carry the surname of their father.

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