Tinago talaga! Julius Babao says that Francis Magalona didn’t sign Francesca birth certificate

Julius Babao admitted that he didn’t gather any proof that Francesca Rait was really a daughter of Francis Magalona.

It can be recalled that Julius had a one-on-one interview with Francesca, and they talked about her personal life and thoughts about the master rapper.

While Julius believed that Francesca resembled Francis, the Rait family failed to present documents that would prove their claims.

Julius also shared that there was no indicated father on Francesca’s birth certificate, a hint that Francis had refused to recognize the latter.

“Kamukhang-kamukha talaga tinanong ko ‘yung birth certificate, e, hindi naman daw Magalona ang gamit nu’ng anak at hindi rin pumirma si Francis,” said Julius during an interview with Bandera.

Francesca’s mother, Abegail Rait, made a huge revelation last week about her alleged relationship with Francis before he passed away in 2009.

Several old photos showed Francis while he took care of Francesca when she was still a baby.

Abegail also insisted that she was not seeking an inheritance and only wanted to fulfill her daughter’s dream of becoming an artist like her father.

As of writing, the Magalona family has still refused to give any comment on the claims made by Abegail.


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