Kapatid ng pumanaw na working student na si Jovelyn Galleno, kumikita na ngayon ng milyong piso kada buwan

One year ago, the nation talked about the case of Jovelyn Galleno, and it seems that her family was doing well and now earning enough money to make their lives comfortable.

Jovelyn’s sister, Jonalyn Galleno, was now an online seller and even shared that she was earning around P1-M a month due to her new job.

In her video, she shared how she quickly earned so much money due to her new business as a reseller.

Last Jun, Jonalyn shared that she earned P302,000 and after a month, she announced that she gained a whooping P1.1-M worth of commissions.

Netizens were happy that the Galleno family was doing well despite what happened to Jovelyn.

It can be recalled that Jovelyn’s disappearance became one of the most talked about topics in 2022 because of the peculiar nature of the case.

On August 5, 2022, Jovelyn was declared missing by her family after being last seen inside the mall where she was working as a part-time saleslady.

The lack of footage made it hard for the authorities to trace the location of Jovelyn quickly.

After 18 days, Jovelyn’s skeletal remains were found, but many people didn’t quickly believe how fast she turned into the skeleton.

However, a DNA result proved that what the authorities found was Jovelyn.

While two suspects admitted they were involved in what happened to Jovelyn, the court dismissed the charges against them due to lack of evidence.

As of writing, the case was still considered unsolved.


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