Francis Magalona talking about marrying Pia Magalona resurfaced: “I want them to be legal”

Amid the claims made by former producer Robby Tarroza against Pia Magalona, an old interview of Francis Magalona talking about marrying the latter went viral on social media.

In an interview with TV Patrol in 1992, Francis expressed his willingness to tie the knot with Pia.

“I plan to get married next year,” said Francis. “I’ll invite you guys, it’s a small wedding lang in Mandaluyong. Maybe in Don Bosco or sa Archbishop’s Palace,” said Francis.

Francis believed that his marriage with Pia would make their children ‘legal’ and set an example for his youngsters.

“I said to myself, ‘I don’t want to make the children,’ you know… I want them to be legal. Of course, marriage is always a strong value in my parents’ teaching,” 

In the past, children of an unmarried couple were not allowed to use their father’s surname. However, former Sen. Bong Revilla Sr. passed a law in 2004 to enable children to carry their father’s surname even if they’re born out of wedlock.

However, it’s not known if the wedding between Francis and Pia took place in Manila as the former publicist of the Master Rapper, Pilar Mateo, shared that the couple were married during their stay in Hong Kong in 1995.

It can be recalled that Robby claimed that Pia was allegedly married already to another man even before she met Francis.

However, Pilar denied it, saying that the two were a legal couple.

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