Gaile Francesca urges her mother Abegail Rait to avoid minding her critics: “Hindi nila alam ang buong istorya”

Gaile Francesca urged her mother, Abegail Rait, to ignore her critics after being labeled as a ‘homewrecker’ on social media by netizens.

In an interview with journalist Julius Babao, Francesca expressed her support for Abegail amid the criticisms she received for claiming that she had a relationship with Francis Magalona.

According to Francesca, people criticizing them did not know the whole story, so she convinced her mother to be patient with the people commenting negatively against them.

“I want to tell my mom to stay strong and to don’t the bashers kasi nga po hindi pa po nila alam ‘yung buong kwento, and so for that may mga tao na they keep bashing her,” she said.

Francesca also clarified that she already revealed the details they could share with the public, and she was not willing to disclose more stories about her mother’s relationship with Francis.

It can be recalled that Abegail and Francesca were featured on ‘Pinoy Pawnstars,’ where they revealed that they’re the second family of Francis.

Abegail said they only wanted the public to know that they existed and did not plan to ask anything from Francis’ first family.

They also planned Francesca to follow in the footsteps of her father by entering the showbiz.


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