Dr. Richard Mata suggests to Francis M’s alleged daughter not to enter showbiz too soon: “Show your talents in socmed muna”

Pediatrician and content creator Dr. Richard Mata advised Francis Magalona’s alleged daughter, Gaile Francesca, not to enter show business too soon.

It can be recalled that Francesca went viral on social media after she claimed that she was the youngest child of Francis to former flight attendant Abegail Rait.

Abegail then revealed her plans for her daughter to follow in the footsteps of her father, who was a multi-talented artist.

However, while Francesca was receiving all the attention of the netizens, Dr. Richard said that it would be better for the former to build herself first.

According to him, it would be better for Francesca to become an artist, not because of her connections to Francis, but because she was really worthy.

“Wag muna. Just increase your tiktok, your FB and YT followers. Show your talents in socmed muna. If hinog an talaga, your talent will bring you to showbiz if its still needed,” said Dr. Richard. “Coming in now, will be hard, being controversial. There’s always that other group who will be against you. But in socmed, you can easily bloom,”

“Don’t enter showbiz because you are a daughter of FM, enter it because you have proven yourself in socmed. Karamihan ng di nagclick sa showbiz ay di rin pumipickup sa socmed. Pero young nagciclick sa socmed muna ay nagiging artista na mas stable,” he added.

Most netizens agreed with Dr. Richard’s advice.

The doctor also apologized for his suggestion, but he believed it would be a waste if Francesca did not plan too well about her showbiz journey.

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