Gail Francheska’s performance of ‘Kaleidoscope World’ goes viral: “I am the youngest daughter of Francis M’

Gail Francheska’s performance went viral on social media after she performed the song of her father Francis Magalona’s ‘Kaleidoscope World.’

A video uploaded by Randy Agno it showed the artist performing with her bandmates and also introduced herself ‘Francheska M.’ as the daughter of Francis M.

“Hi, everyone; I’m Francesca M. I am the youngest daughter of Francis Magalona; I am 14 years old, and that means it is also the 14th death anniversary of my father. So, for a special tribute, I will be singing one of his popular songs, Kaleidoscope World,” she said.

It can be recalled that Francheska was planning to enter showbiz like her father.

Some critics believed that it was her intention to enter showbiz was the reason why her mother Abegail Rait publicly disclosed her past relationship with the ‘Master Rapper’

Despite that many netizens believed that Francheska deserved a break since she inherited some talents of her father who passed away in 2009.

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