Dating karelasyon umano ni Francis Magalona na si Abegail Rait at anak nila, ibinahagi ang kanilang kwento

A former flight attendant made a massive revelation about the Philippines ‘King of Rap’ and Eat Bulaga Dabarkads Francis Magalona, who passed away in 2009.

Abegail Rait visited Jayson Luzadas, popularly known as ‘Boss Toyo,’ to sell a jersey and several signed messages that Francis M signed for her.


At first, netizens thought that Abegail was only a huge fan of Francis, but she later on revealed that she had a relationship that even produced a child, Gail Francheska.

According to Rait, they had a relationship with Francis many years ago, but they decided to keep their silence with respect to the family of the rapper.

However, she believed that it was also their right to inform the people that they existed.

“For 15 years nanahimik ako, I didn’t say anything about me and my daughter. Siguro naman ito na lang ‘yung karapatan na pwede kong magawa para sa kanya (anak ko),” said Abegail.

“Kasi hindi naman ako nagsalita. I know people will judge me, but we exist. What we have is real… Mahal niya kami, and that’s a fact,” she added.


It can be recalled that it was already a long-time rumor that Francis had a relationship with another woman before he passed away.

In 2009, a blog revealed several photos of Francis together with Abegail during their alleged relationship.

The blog authored by Ryan Ericson Canlas showed Francis together with Abegail and a baby.

It also showed pictures of Francis’ sweet moments with Abegail.

As of writing, the Magalona family has yet to give any comments on the revelation made by Abegail.

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