Jimmy Santos returns to his Dabarkads on E.A.T during Joey de Leon’s birthday: “Eat Bulaga is here to stay”

Former Eat Bulaga host Jimmy Santos finally returned to his Dabarkads after several years of hiatus on television.

On October 14, 2023, Jimmy surprisingly appeared on the Saturday episode of E.A.T. as the driver of ‘Papa Ethan’ of one of their fictional host, portrayed by Wally Bayola.

Several hosts of E.A.T became emotional after Jimmy’s return.

Jimmy even made a mistake by calling their show ‘Eat Bulaga’, which was quickly corrected by Vic Sotto.

“Whatever happens in this country, I still love you all three times a day,” said Jimmy.

It’s not yet known if Jimmy would become a regular host again or he would stay in his retirement.

It can be recalled that Jimmy was last seen on television in December 2021.

During his hiatus, Jimmy became a vlogger and could also be seen having a vacation in different countries, including Canada.

It was also rumored that Jimmy would return to TAPE’s Eat Bulaga, but many writers believed that it would be impossible as the veteran host was a close friend of TVJ.

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