Nahuli sa sariling bibig! Miss Grace nabisto na tatlong taon na pala siyang niloloko ni Pambansang Kolokoy

Grace Mondina, also known as ‘Miss Grace’ and Marites’, claimed that her former partner, Joel Mondina, a.k.a Pambansang Kolokoy, openly admitted that he was cheating on the former, longer than previously thought.

It can be recalled that Joel posted a message saying that Grace should start moving on.

“Dapat pag tahimik na ‘yung tao at mukhang masaya na tantanan na at huwag kung ano ano pang paninira ang sinasabi. Mag tatatlong taon na, alam mo ba yung salitang “MOVE ON”?” Joel said.


However, Miss Grace said she only got separated from Joel in January 2022, more than a year ago.


She assumed that Joel openly admitted that he had been cheating on her for a longer time.

“So you just admitted you’ve been cheating on me for three years now. We just broke up in January 2022. So stupid. I have moved on. Who wants to be with a cheater, liar, and user? But you and Dawn have not moved on because you guys keep stalking my social media accounts. Moving on means deleting me from your channels,” she wrote.


As of writing, Joel has yet to delete any old videos of him together with Miss Grace, it means that there’s a possibility that the former was still earning from his videos with his former partner.


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