Anak ng Pepito Manaloto cast Janna Dominguez na si Yzabel Ablan, pumanaw na

Pepito Manaloto cast Janna Dominguez announced the passing of her daughter Yzabel Ablan on October 7, 2023.

Janna revealed the sad news to her fans through her Instagram post.

“It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of our beloved Yzabel,” she wrote. “She has touched so many lives and she has been an inspiration to many,” 

“We will be holding her wake from October 8 to October 12 at La Pieta Funeral Homes, Angeles, Pampanga. We invite those who wish to pay their respects and celebrate her life to visit. Knowing Yza, it will mean a lot to her.”

Yzabel was 20 years old when she met her creator.

The Kapuso actress didn’t disclose the cause of her daughter’s passing.


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However, Yzabel shared in 2021 that she was diagnosed with Lupus, Vitiligo, and Moyamoya, which has no cure.

“I cannot get exposed to sunlight, I cannot get emotional, I cannot be tired. There are countless of “cannot” living with SLE. Growing up I felt dismayed all the time. I get this feeling that I am very useless and cannot do anything I like. And also I was not confident before. I felt so betrayed because unlike other kids before, they do not have life the way I do,” she wrote.

“But then growing up I slowly encountered God. I grew my faith. and learned that despite all these circumstances, I continue to try to live a normal life. That everything has a purpose in life,” she added.


Several days ago, Janna celebrated the birth of her new baby boy named Leon, her fourth child with her partner Mickey Ablan.

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