Eat Bulaga host Arra Agustin, binatikos matapos tawaging ‘Noontime Show Goddess’

Eat Bulaga host Arra Agustin gained the irk of some netizens after she was labeled as the ‘noontime show goddess’ by his co-host Yasser Marta.

During one of the episodes of Eat Bulaga, Yasser introduced Arra as the ‘noontime show goddess,’ gaining criticism from It’s Showtime fans who believed that Anne Curtis deserved the title more.

According to some netizens, Arra’s co-hosts should carefully label their colleagues on Eat Bulaga because most were not even hosted for a year for a noontime show.

“Maganda si arra very angelic ang beauty pero sorry pinag uusapan kasi noontime show Goddess, need pa ng madaming taon ni arra to beat lahat ng napatunayan na ni Anne curtis. Hindi lang ito basta pagandahan,” netizen Aleah Fabiano said.

“Maganda naman talaga si Arra lalo na in person, ang tanong bakit may comparison sinadya ng tape bulaga yan para pag usapan, negative or positive still publicity,” netizen Lhet Lee commented.

“Hindi ganda ang pinas uusapan dito kundi ang pag host kaya Wala pang binatbat si Arra sa pag ho host,” netizen Conchita remarked.

As of writing, Arra has yet to address the criticism against her.

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