Miss Grace, hindi na nakapagtimpi kay Pambansang Kolokoy at sa bago nitong partner: “Just grow up. Stop stalking me”

Grace Mondina, also known as ‘Marites’ addressed her former partner, Joel Mondina a.k.a Pambansang Kolokoy, and his current partner Dawn Sherrine Esguerra.

It can be recalled that Joel and Dawn publicized their relationship on social media last week and even announced the pregnancy of the latter.

“I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. #9months #ilangkembotnalang #helloeyebags,” Dawn wrote.

Meanwhile, through her Facebook post, Grace asked Dawn to stop stalking her social media pages and just move on with life.

“For Dawn Sherrine Esguerra, please stop stalking my social media platforms, you and your minions. You need to move on. You’re already with Joel. You already have him. You can have him. Just grow up. Stop stalking me. Stop saying things that are so mean, so cruel just because I’m living my life,” Grace said.

She even challenged Dawn to surpass the length of her relationship with Joel, which lasted 25 years.

“Good luck na lang sa inyo. I hope you guys will last for 26 years,” she said.

As of writing, Joel and Dawn have yet to give any response to the video published by Grace.

Netizens also expressed their support to Grace and her children, whom Joel left.

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