Ilang influencers, humingi ng paumanhin kay Maggie Wilson at inamin na binayaran sila para siraan ang model

Several influencers apologized to Maggie Wilson after the model was swarmed by negative messages on social media in the past few days.

It can be recalled that several influencers on TikTok posted videos on the same day to talk about Maggie’s lifestyle company, Acasa.

Maggie noticed that what the said influencers were talking about was the same, so she suspected that someone was only giving ‘scripts’ to the said influencers.

However, she admitted that her company faced a problem after some of her stops allegedly stole money from the business.

“Over the past several weeks, we have discovered that members of Acasa’s staff have stolen large amounts of money from the company, which we are now taking legal action on,” she said.

Maggie then said that she would file legal charges against the said influencers.

After declaring her desire to pursue legal charges, several influencers criticizing Acasa admitted that they were only ‘paid’ to criticize Maggie and her company.

“Kung napanood niyo po ‘yung mga content creators tungkol kay Maggie Wilson, yes po scripted po talaga siya ay mayroon po kaming iisang script,” Rolyn Jay Battad said.

“Isa po ako sa mga nag upload non, hindi ko po na-realize agad na mali po ‘yung nagawa ko,” he added.

The model also urged the said influencers to contact her if they ever receive payment from Mystee Ramirez, or Sendrijas Jeff if they wanted to be safe from charges.

Some screencaps showed that some influencers were paid 8,000 pesos to criticize Maggie.

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