Lalake, viral matapos makipagtalo dahil ayaw maging taga abot ng pamasahe sa Jeep

A man went viral on social media after was seen refusing to help other passengers by passing the fare to the driver of the jeepney they were riding on.

In a Facebook post, the uploader of the video could be heard arguing with the man who asked them why he should feel obligated to pass the fare to the driver.

“Kayo napakaingay n’yo! Mura kayo nang mura. Bakit sino kayo para murahin kami?” the uploader said.

“Sino ako para abutan n’yo (ng pamasahe)?” the man responded.

“E di huwag kayong sumakay sa public!” the uploader answered back.

The man also told the uploader not to record him as he would file charges against them.

The said video sparked a heated discussion about jeepney courtesy.

While most of them believed that the man should help the passenger, some said that he also had the right to refuse the request.

Some netizens who defended the man noticed that there was a big gap between the man and the uploader.

“Lumapit ka nakikisuyo ka galit kapa.. Hahaha.. Kung ayaw ni Tatang ikaw mag abot sa driver,” said Jeffrey Jamito.

“Tamad tawag dyan te..luwag2 pa ng jeep bat hindi k n lng mismo mag abot,” netizen Mhark Lovenino remarked.

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