Cristy Fermin talks about Ivana Alawi’s content: “Maglaba lang nang nakabukaka, ilang milyon na ang views”

Veteran columnist and showbiz personality Cristy Fermin couldn’t stop talking about the content being made by actress Ivana Alawi on her vlogs.

In her online show together with Rommel Chika and Wendell Alvarez, Cristy talked about the content made by Ivana three years ago where she showed trying to wash her clothes by wearing a revealing outfit.

According to her, Ivana’s casting on FPJ’s Batang Quiapo was a good decision from its management as the actress was known to have millions of admirers.

“Alam n’yo naman po si Ivana Alawi, maglaba lang nang nakabukaka, ilang milyon na ang views… At siya po ay bahagi ng basang panaginip ng mga kalalakihan,” said Cristy.

“Makita lang si Ivana Alawi e ang mga ibon na kumakanta-kanta, bumababa sa sanga at nakatanaw lang sa kaniya.” she added.

It can be recalled that Ivana went viral on social media several times because of her content and she kept posting revealing photos of her to gain millions of engagements from her fans.

Aside from her revealing content, Ivana was also known for helping other people, which made her admired more by netizens.

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