Ronnie Liang dismayado sa naging desisyon ng MTRCB sa It’s Showtime: ‘Parang selective justice’

Actor Ronnie Liang couldn’t hide his disappointment after the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) imposed a 12-day suspension against It’s Showtime.

In a statement, Ronnie believed that MTRCB was selective with the decisions they made.


It can be recalled that several It’s Showtime fans urged MTRCB to also punish E.A.T, the show of MTRCB chairperson Lala Sotto’s father, Tito Sotto.

However, they were disappointed as MTRCB has yet to release any decision on their complaint against E.A.T.

According to Ronnie, the quick decision made by MTRCB against It’s Showtime showed a bad impression that the agency was siding with other programs.


“Here’s my honest opinion about the MTRCB issue with Showtime,” said Ronnie. “The MTRCB, as the regulatory body, should give clear and consistent guidelines or parameters for acceptable content,”

“In this case, they quickly suspended Showtime because Vice Ganda was seen licking icing off his co-host and partner Ion Perez’s fingers. However, there were similar or worse situations on other shows that were not addressed with the same urgency or attention.

“The inconsistency raises questions about their decision-making. Parang selective justice. Sorry po, pero ganun ang impression.”


As of writing, MTRCB has yet to give response to Ronnie’s statement.

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