Di makatotohanan! Neri Naig-Miranda receives criticism after showing her P1000 per week budget challenge

Neri Naig-Miranda received criticism from netizens after she posted a weekly meal plan that would only cost her followers P1000 to make according to her.

The meal plan that was now deleted on her page showed that people could afford eggs, pork, bangus, corned beef, ground pork, tuna, chicken, fish, vegetables, and rice for just P1000 a week.

However, some netizens noticed that families should only eat ‘leftovers’ every dinner if they want to achieve the said meal plan.

Thousands of netizens and internet content creators said that Neri’s weekly meal plan was hard to achieve and not for the long term as the prices of goods were not stable.

“1k budget sa loob ng 1 linggo ni Neri Miranda [laughing emoji] prang hindi ito mkatotoohanan lalo na kung higit sa 3 kayo nkatira sa bahay. 143 pesos papatak per day. Teka teka [laughing emoji] may magic toh hahahah!!” netizen Anne said.

“Kanina ko pa iniisip paano mapapagkasya ang 1K sa isang linggo, 1K ÷ 7 days, tas ÷ 3 meals per day = ₱47.6 per meal for 1 family. If you’re a family of 5 pax, that’s ₱9.5 budget per meal per person. Kasya naman for 1 boiled egg. Pag prinito mo pa, baka wala ng budget para sa mantika,” netizen MJ Quiambao Reyes said.

Meanwhile, some netizens explained that Neri’s meal plan was possible if they were planting their own vegetables like what the content creator was doing.

However, they pointed out that most Filipinos are not planting their own crops anymore.

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