Netizens, tinawag ang pansin ng MTRCB dahil sa ‘Mahaba ‘to’ comment ng E.A.T contestant

Netizens called the attention of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) after a contestant on the noontime show E.A.T allegedly mentioned a ‘green joke’ during the program.

The netizens were referring the the joke made by a contestant of E.A.T’s segment, ‘Vortas 5’ while being interviewed by Allan K and Miles Ocampo.

In the said interview, the contestant shared that he was a former elementary teacher, which gained the reaction of Allan and Miles.

“Magaling sa bata ‘to,” said Miles.

“Mapagpasensya. Mahaba ang pasensya,” the veteran comedian then followed.

“Opo mahaba ‘to,” the contestant responded.

Allan then quickly tapped the contestant for an unknown reason.

“Mahaba ang pasensya siyempre bata ‘yon,” Miles insisted.

Several netizens believed that the joke made by the contestant had a ‘double meaning’ that shouldn’t be ignored by MTRCB.

It can be recalled that MTRCB suspended It’s Showtime for 12 airing days due to the gestures done by Vice Ganda and Ion Perez.

However, several fans of It’s Showtime, accused the head of MTRCB, Lala Sotto, of favoring E.A.T because it was a show produced by her father Tito Sotto.

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