Ales Vodisek confirms that he is single, a year after his issue with Jorryme Lorono and bestfriend Shaira Mae Boyonas

A year after the viral love triangle issue between the Slovenian national Ales Vodisek, Jorryme Lorono, and Shaira Mae Boyonas went viral, many netizens were still asking for an update on the story of the three individuals.

In 2022, the wedding of Ales and Jorryme went viral on social media after the latter complained about the closeness between her husband and so-called ‘best friend’ Shaira Mae.

Jorryme even posted some photos taken during the wedding to prove her suspicion that Shaira was being too close to the foreign national.

The story was featured on television, where Jorryme said that she was severely affected by the closeness between Ales and Shaira.

Meanwhile, Ales left the country and accused Jorryme of being ‘crazy’.

Before 2022 ended, Ales and Jorryme announced that they were planning to file for divorce, but last February, the two announced that they were fixing their relationship already.

The two met again in Cebu City and started a vlog, which failed to become popular.

Last August, Ales then confirmed that he was single already, but still living in the Philippines.

“Single and in the Club,” said Ales.

Meanwhile, Jorryme posted her last vlog last July where she showed that they were building a house together with Ales.

There was no update about the house project as of writing.

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