Nadine Lustre, inaming hindi binabati lahat ng fans na nakakasalubong niya: “I never had the feeling of responsibility”

Nadine Lustre answered a netizen who accused her of ignoring her fans.

In an interview with Edward Barber, Nadine addressed the speculations that she ‘ignored’ one of her fans who tried to greet or approach her.

Nadine told Edward that she felt that it was not her responsibility to greet all her fans all the time.

“I was never the type to say hi to everyone, or smile, or wave, because I don’t know you. I never had the feeling of responsibility when it comes to saying hi to everyone….it was never my thing, because to me it was weird,” she said.

Nadine was aware of the incident and she said that the fan didn’t approach her, so she believed that there was no reason for her to do the first move.

“She was just there! And she was expecting me to say hi to her…If you want me to say hi to you, say hi to me or acknowledge me, or greet me. I’m not gonna go out of my way to say hi to you,” she stated.

She also argued that their only job was to entertain the fans, not to greet or accommodate them.

“I think it’s also because people forget that we are also people, that we’re humans. That it’s not our responsibility to acknowledge everyone and to please everyone…Our responsibility is to give entertainment and that’s not a part of it.” she remarked.

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