TikTok, ibinasura ang apela ni Rendon Labador na ibalik ang kanyang page

Motivational Speaker Rendon Labador sadly announced that his appeal to reinstate his account on TikTok had been rejected.

In his Facebook post, Rendon showed the message sent to him by TikTok, saying that he really committed things that were against the community guidelines of the platform.

“We’ve reviewed your appeal and found that your account violates our Community Guidelines and cannot be restored. Your account has been permanently banned and you can no longer access TikTok,” the company said.

Rendon slammed the said decision and insisted that he only wanted to spread the truth to the public.

“TIKTOK AYAW NINYONG MARINIG ANG KATOTOHANAN??? Pag hindi ako nakabalik sa tiktok, magiging habang buhay na t*ng* ang mga users ninyo,” said Rendon.

“TikTok Philippines [Philippine Flag Emoji] Pangalawang “APPEAL” rejected parin?[Facepalm Emoji] Ano ang masasabi ninyo sa desisyon ng tiktok? TAMA BA O MALI???” he added.

Rendon was hoping that TikTok would still reconsider his appeal since he only sought to educate the users of the social media platform.

“Sana mabasa ni tiktok ang mga comments dito para ma realize nila na mali ang desisyon nila!” he stated.

Rendon also insisted that some people wanted to silence him because he was making an effort to make the netizens smarter.

“Gusto nila ako patahimikin kasi ayaw nila kayong matuto. Kung tatalino kasi kayo hindi na nila kayo mauuto,” he remarked.

It can be recalled that TikTok banned Rendon who’s known for making attention-seeking messages on social media.

He was also being criticized for his comments against popular celebrities.


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