Joel Mondina admits that he sometimes regrets becoming famous as ‘Pambansang Kolokoy’

Joel Mondina, a.k.a Pambansang Kolokoy, admitted that he was sometimes regretful of the fame he achieved as an internet celebrity.

In an interview with Luis Manzano, Joel said that while he sometimes regretted becoming an influencer, he was still thankful to God for giving him a chance to become famous.

According to him, no one took him seriously now because of his fame.

“Siguro nga, ginawa ako ng Diyos na ganito. So, nagpapasalamat pa rin ako siyempre,” Joel said.

‘Yun bang napakaseryoso ng sinabi mo, ‘yun bang kulang na lang sabihin mo, nadisgrasya si Pambansang Kolokoy pero tatawa pa rin sila,” he added.

It can be recalled that Luis also interviewed Joel’s former partner Grace Mondina.

Grace revealed several information about her current relationship with Joel and she also admitted that she’s only communicating with the internet celebrity because of their children.

“We’re just like friends, parang noon na naglolokohan lang kami,” she said.

Grace never answered if there’s a chance for them to reconcile with Joel.

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