Jobert Sucaldito at Snooky Serna, nag-init ang ulo kay Pura Luka Vega: “Gusto kitang sabunutan!”

Veteran showbiz columnist Jobert Sucaldito and actress Snooky Serna couldn’t hide their disappointment towards Pura Luka Vega.

On Snooky’s vlog, Jobert talked about his opinion on the controversial drag queen who performed ‘Ama Namin’ while wearing a costume of the Black Nazarene.


Jobert, who claimed that he was a ‘devout follower’ of the Catholic Church, expressed his disappointment towards Pura, saying that he wanted to pull the hair of the artist.

Meanwhile, Snooky also said that her blood pressure rose after she watched the performance of Pura.

“I hope it doesn’t happen again,” Jobert said. “Because you know, I’m a very devout Catholic kasi ako.. Gusto kitang sabunutan actually,” 

“Gusto kong sabunutan kasi nga that is like using the Lord or the God in vain.. I hope na maisip mo ito, though ang katwiran mo ay wala kang intensyon paglaruan, pero please maraming bagay na pwedeng gawin, wag ito,” he added.

Snooky was also hoping that Pura would change his ways.


“I hope na in your lifetime, [you] feel that love and forgiveness of God in your life.. Because you’re missing out a lot if you don’t because God.. he’s in your life, you just don’t realize it or acknowledge it,” she said.


As of writing, Pura has yet to give response to Jobert and Snooky.

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