Unang Hirit host Lyn Ching, may mensahe: ‘Booma, you will be missed’

Unang Hirit host Lyn Ching posted the biggest hint about Mike Enriquez passing.

On her Instagram story, Lyn posted a short message to ‘Booma’ the nickname of Enriquez among his friends.


“Booma. You will be missed,” said Ching.

According to an article in the Philippine Star, Enriquez got the nickname to a cartoon character.

“Off-camera, he is known as “Booma” (“15 years ago I was 20 pounds heavier, and Booma was an elephant cartoon character.”)” according to the article.

Booma is also the name of his pet dog.


Connie Sison and Arnold Clavio, the long-time colleagues of Enriquez also posted a black photo, a sign of their grief.

As of writing, netizens are still waiting for the big announcement on 24 Oras to confirm the news about their long-time anchor.


They’re expecting an announcement about Enriquez before the news program ends.


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