Lalaki na kinasahan ang isang siklista, nagsalita na: “Di naman nila nakita ‘yung tunay na pangyayari,”

The man who went viral on social media after being involved in an altercation with a cyclist finally surrendered to the authorities.

In a press conference, the suspect who was identified as a retired police officer explained that the public didn’t see the whole incident that caused the confrontation between him and the cyclist.

“Di naman nila nakita ‘yung tunay na pangyayari, ‘yung umpisa… mahirap po ‘yon,” he said.

He even urged the content creators to be responsible with what they were posting because they were only showing one side of the story.

According to him, his family was already affected by the incident.

“Kawawa naman ‘yong mga anak ko, mga kapamilya ko, parang ang sama sama kong tao,” he said.

“Hindi naman mangyayari ‘yon kung hindi talaga ako dumipensa lang,” he added.


Meanwhile, QCPD Chief Police Brigadier General Nicolas Torre III said that the driver would lose his LTOPF.

The viral incident happened on August 8 and a content creator recorded the incident when the suspect left his car to confront the cyclist.

Atty. Raymond Fortun, who volunteered to represent the cyclist posted a photo of the incident, saying that the suspect was possibly working for the government because of the label pin on his clothes.


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