Anyare? KC Concepcion unfollows Frankie and Kiko Pangilinan on social media

KC Concepcion reportedly unfollowed her stepfather Kiko Pangilinan and half-siter Frankie Pangilinan on her social media page.

Some observant netizens noticed that the two Pangilinans were already not included on KC’s following list, a sign that the actress was having problems with her Stepfamily.


However, KC was still following her mother Sharon Cuneta.

It was also noticeable that KC took down her Father’s Day greeting to Kiko.

The actress was known to have a good relationship with her stepfather so netizens were surprised with what happened.


Many netizens couldn’t stop asking why KC unfollowed the two Pangilinans.

“Hindi kinayang sikmurain….alam nyang ndi nya kayang ibaba amg level sa mga ank ng ina nya s ibang lalaki na hampas lupa pag uugali,” netizen Irallam said.

“Tama lang yan kac hindi pwedi pag samahin ang diwata sa mga kampon ng Matsing,” netizen Niel commented.

As of writing, KC has yet to give any statement on her decision to unfollow the two.


KC is the child of Sharon to Gabby Concepcion.


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