Potato Corner, naglabas ng kanilang pahayag matapos mag-trending ang kanilang job ad

Franchise giant Potato Corner released a statement after a job advertisement posted by one of their branches went viral on social media for alleged discriminatory qualifications.

It can be recalled that Potato Corner’s job ad became subject to criticism and meme after they stated that their potential applicants must have a ‘good set of teeth’ and their height should be proportion with their weight.

In a statement released by the company to the press, they described the incident as ’embarrassing’ and called the job posting ‘inappropriate’.

“Our values are all about diversity and inclusion, and true to the experience that we offer, we believe in celebrating the uniqueness that each individual brings.

“Discriminatory hiring is not something we support or condone, and not aligned with who we are. We’re all about providing equal opportunities for all and giving fair recognition and reward to effort, attitude, potential, and creating positive outcomes.

“It may have been amusing for some, but we in fact are taking this seriously. We deeply regret the incident and we’re reviewing our procedures, teaming up with our valued business partners, franchisees and suppliers to make sure that situations like this won’t

happen again. So that whatever we say and do at Potato Corner reflect our values.”

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