Netizens pumalag sa presyo ng renta sa resort ng dating Eat Bulaga host Pia Guanio: “Ano kaya meron sa resorts nato?”

Netizens couldn’t comprehend the high pricing of former Eat Bulaga host Pia Guanio’s private resort in Batangas.

According to the report of Philippine Star, vacation goers could rent the whole family resort owned by Pia and her husband Steve Mago for only P195,800 a night.


The said establishment named ‘El Jardin de Zaida’ was located in San Juan, Batangas, and offers a peaceful vacation for its possible clients.

El Jardin de Zaida’s website stated that the P195,800 a night included the exclusive use of 4 suites and 8 deluxe rooms for 24 guests; exclusive use of Rocio Spa; exclusive use of Rodolfo’s restaurant; Housekeeping services; use of pools and sports equipment; calamansi picking for 8 persons; breakfast for 24 people; free internet; bottled water; and welcome amenities.

Despite its inclusions, several netizens were still complaining about its expensive price.


“Matindi ang presyo, abroad ba to?half a million pesos for 2 days!!!ano kaya meron sa resorts nato, tama yung comment nung isa- may fountain of youth daw sa loob ng resorts,” netizen Dennis said.

However, some netizens said that not everyone could afford to rent the whole resort and the business was targeting a different market.

“I’ve had reactions like some people here about how high prices of some resorts are. But then after a while, I’ve come to realize, if I react in such a manner then I am not their target market. People who can’t afford it are simply not their market. We have to accept that reality, instead if making negative comments. Not unless, the resort looks so ordinary, then that’s another story,” netizen Winn commented.


The resort was also offering accommodation for smaller groups, including a room family room for 2 adults and 2 children for P8,100-22,9500 a night,

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