Patama sa Potato Corner? Lola Nena’s qualification for its employees goes viral

While Potato Corner was receiving bad publicity after one of its branches posted a qualification that was compared by some netizens to a beauty pageant entry, the company didn’t waste the opportunity to boost its image by making a contrasting post to the popular franchise company.

In a Facebook post, food company Lola Nena’s posted a creative hiring poster for their potential applicants.

It was noticeable that their criteria and qualifications were not discriminatory and they stated that they were ready to accept applicants as long as they were ‘professional’.

“We believe in the joy of comfort and the power of connection. And most importantly, we believe in YOU! If you share our love for great food and meaningful connections, come and be a part of our team,” the marketing poster of the company reads.

The post went viral on social media, receiving thousands of praise from the netizens, and quickly compared it to the qualification of Potato Corner.

“Eto talaga yung good example ng employer,” netizen Eden said.

“So proud of my favorite donut shop. Kaya never akong nainip sa mga employees nila. Very hands on at sobrang warmth mag welcome ng customers,” netizen Julianne commented.

Meanwhile, Potato Corner receiving criticism for stating that their applicants must have a ‘good set of teeth’ and their weight should be proportion with their height.

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