TAPE Inc. denies that they’re planning to transfer network after meeting with Mark Villar

Television and Production Exponents (TAPE) Inc. denied that they were planning to switch networks after one of its executives, Seth Jalosjos was spotted having a meeting with Sen. Mark Villar.

It can be recalled that Villar owned AllTV, which made the netizens assume that the production company of the Jalosjos family was considering switching networks.

According to Atty. Maggie Abraham-Garduque, lawyer of TAPE Inc, there’s no truth that the production company was switching to any networks, including AllTV.

She clarified that Camella, one of the companies owned by the Villars was one of the major sponsors of Eat Bulaga.

“This is absolutely false news. Camella of the Villars is a major sponsor of Eat Bulaga’s segment ‘May Pa-Key Kami Sayo’ wherein winners can win a house and lot. If you can see the original post, Bullet merely greeted Mark Villar on his bday. There is no basis for the speculation that said bday greeting will be tantamount to intention to transfer to All TV,” said Abraham-Garduque.

“Besides the article also said that Eat Bulaga has an existing block time agreement with GMA so there is no need and reason to transfer to another network,” she added.

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