Private resort owner expresses dismay after guests destroy their facilities: “Gawain ba to ng mga nasa matitinong pag iisip?”

A private resort owner couldn’t hide her disappointment after she saw the aftermath of the company party held in her establishment.

In her Facebook post, Noneth Palentino showed the damages made by a group of company workers who rented her private resort.

In the video, it showed the dirty toilet, the party area full of trash, and the pool where some of the tables, bottles, and even water dispensers were floating.

“Tables and chairs, basura , pati ihawan at dispenser ihuhulog niyo sa pool? Tpos anlakas pa ng loob niyo mangatok sa caretaker nmin pra kunin ang security deposit? Talaga ba?” said the resort owner.

“Ngayon niyo sabhin na CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! Kulang pa yan security deposit niyo sa damages na gnwa niyo sa resort!” she added.

Palentino then posted CCTV footage showing the actual chaos that happened during the night of the party which showed that the guests were throwing things everywhere.

According to Palentino, she already identified all the guests involved in the incident and already talked to the company where the suspects were working.

While the resort owner had already forgiven the guests, she insisted that she would still charge them for the damage they did.

The company where the workers were working has yet to give any official statement, but it was reported that they already suspended the suspects after the incident.

Palentino also addressed the netizens, saying that the incident proved that customers are not always right.

“Kaya sa ibang customer naman, wag kayo magreklamo dahil lang meron security deposit, minsan aawayin niyo pa staff nmin dhil idadahilan niyo hindi niyo nabasa sa kontrata! yan ay para magkaroon lang ng disiplina ang mga customers!” she stated.

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