Lawyer says that anyone can file a case against Vice and Ion for their acts on ‘Isip Bata’: “It affects the psychological development of child”

A lawyer believed that anyone could file charges against Vice Ganda and Ion Perez for allegedly violating Republic Act RA 7610.

In his explanation, Atty. Mark Tolentino said that it was possible that the alleged indecent acts performed by Vice and Ion on the Isip Bata segment of It’s Showtime covered the said law that protects the children.

“It affects the psychological development ng the child,” said Atty. Tolentino.

According to him, anyone may file a complaint against the two even if the complainant was not related to the Isip Bata contestants.

“Example ‘yung mga ginagawa silang eksena tapos kasama nila ‘yung mga bata, tapos ‘yung eksena na ‘yan may mapapatunayan na that it affects the psychological development and emotional development of a child, pwedeng maging violation yan,” the lawyer said.

The lawyer said that an expert may be called as a witness to prove if Vice and Ion’s actions really affected the children involved in the issue.

“Kailangan iatas nila ang isang expert witness testimony, the expert witness normally ay ‘yung mga psychologist, mga psychiatrist na mag testify to their study na ‘yung ginagawang eksena na ‘yon affects psychological and emotional development of a child,” he explained.

Tolentino also explained that It’s Showtime might be terminated on television based on the final decision of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) chaired by Lala Sotto.

As of writing, Vice and Ion still refused to give any statement on the issue.

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