Kanino nahawa? Lea Salonga hindi muna pipirma ng mga autograph matapos mahawa ng sakit

Lea Salonga announced that she would refuse any autograph request in the upcoming days after she found positive for a contagious disease during her stay in the United States.

In a Facebook post, she revealed that she was already recovering from her illness but she decided not to interact with her fans for now.

“I intend to come back to The Broadway Theater this Tuesday. However, since I’m still on the mend, I will opt out of stage door autograph signing until further notice,” said Lea.

“As wonderful as it is to connect to you all after the performance, I need to take care of myself,” she added.

It can be recalled that Lea went viral last month after she refused a request from her fans for a photo-op.

It was later discovered that the fans were not included on the guest list, however Lea still granted the request of her fans when they followed her request to wait outside her dressing room.


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