Rendon Labador, gustong sa Manila Zoo dalhin si Vice Ganda at Ion Perez kung sakaling parusahan ng MTRCB

Motivational Speaker Rendon Labador reacted to the statement made by Atty. Mark Tolentino about the possible decisions of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) against It’s Showtime.

Atty. Tolentino said that aside from being suspended, it was also possible for the people behind It’s Showtime to face serious charges that might put some of them behind bars for three months to one year.

“Kung hindi nila ma-explain ng maayos ‘yan, pwedeng ma-suspend ang show or kung hindi man ma-suspend, pwedeng ma-terminate and otherwise, may criminal aspect pa ‘yan,” he explained.

“Kung sino ang maging liable, mayroong kulong pa ‘yan na three months hanggang one year plus may fine pa na up to 100,000 pesos sa mga indecent at immoral show na nangyari lalo na sa isang noontime show,” he also said.

Rendon then suggested that it would be better for the two It’s Showtime hosts to be displayed at the Manila Zoo so children would still see them.

“If ever, sa Manila Zoo po sila dapat ikulong para makita parin sila ng mga bata,” said Rendon.

Rendon has been criticizing Vice and Ion for several days already after the two Kapamilya hosts allegedly did indecent acts in front of children during one of the segments of It’s Showtime.


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