Michael V. talks about the ‘toxicity’ of some content creators: Dapat alam salitang ‘content’

Comedian Michael V. talked about the popularity of his parody song ‘Oh Wow,’ and revealed that he wrote it to address the toxicity of some content creators on social media.

In an interview with Nelson Canlas, Bitoy said that he was not surprised if many people could relate to his newest song, saying that many netizens were already exposed to the negativity being shared by some influencers on social media.

“Ang dami yatang naka-relate. Nagiging toxic na rin kasi ang mga content creators ngayon,” said Michael.

He then reminded the content creators to inspire people instead of spreading toxicity.

“‘Yung mga content creators, dapat alam niyo ang salitang content. Sana maka inspire tayo ng generation na, ‘Ah, hindi pa puwede, puwede pang pagandahin’,” he added.

It can be remembered that motivational speaker Rendon Labador became one of the most talked about influencers on social media this year due to his confrontational way of giving comments on different issues.

Even Michael didn’t escape the wrath of Rendon and even asked the veteran comedian not to interfere with the style of other content creators.

“INFLUENCERS are the new celebrities! Kung hindi ninyo kayang makipag patalinuhan sa mga INFLUENCERS sa pag produce ng content.. Manahimik nalang kayo,” said Rendon.


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