Michelle Madrigal confirms split with her American boyfriend Kyle

Michelle Madrigal confirmed the rumors that she finally called it quits with her American boyfriend Kyle.

She confirmed the news through her Instagram post, highlighting her current status as a single parent and a divorced woman.

Michelle Madrigal together with her two former partners.

“I’m 34. Divorced. Single. Mom of 1,” Michelle said.

“I’m proud of her. She’s courageous, wiser & full of wisdom. Don’t underestimate what GOD can do to heal you. You just have to ask and surrender,” she also wrote.

Her friends and netizens expressed their support for Michelle.

“Don’t stop now …keep going ! I’m on 2nd divorce , 4 kids and 48,” netizen Gods2lit said.

“Just stay single for now, God have a plan for you. Love will find you in a special way. Focus you muna to your sweet cutie daughter. Stay happy and sweet and gorgeous,” said netizen Zrob.

“Get it [Flame Emoji]” Isabelle Daza commented.

Michelle didn’t disclose the reason why she separated with Kyle.


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It can be recalled that Michelle met Kyle on a dating app.

Kyle was seen open with the co-parenting setup with Michelle and her former partner Troy Woolfolk.


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