Melai Cantiveros’s daughters Mela and Stela receives sermon from netizens for calling their mother ‘Mukhang Unggoy’

Melai Cantiveros and her daughters, Mela and Stela were always successful in making the netizens laugh because of their naturally funny personalities.

However, on August 5, 2023, Melai’s children received a sermon from netizens after they saw her joke about the face of her mother.

In the said video uploaded by Melai, Mela could be seen speaking about the beauty products being bought by her mother.

“Guys, nagbibili pa rin si Mama ng mga products, beauty products, pero mukha pa rin siyang unggoy.” Mela said.

Melai’s other child, Stela could also be heard from the background while also calling her mother ‘unggoy’.

According to some netizens, Mela and Stela crossed the line when they started making fun of their own mother’s appearance.

They suggested that Melai should have taught her children about proper manners, saying that Mela and Stela might carry their current attitude as they grow.

“Ganyan talaga ang mangyayari pag sobrang parang barkada lang turing ng magulang sa isang anak..parang ala ng gap bilang magulang ..kaya ang bata nawawalan na ng kontrol kung hanggang san hangganan mga biro nya,” netizen Rio said.

“Disrespectful. Dapat hindi tinotolerate ang batang ganyan,” netizen Marian commented.

“Grabe nman yan bata p ganon n attitude nya e lalo n seguro s ibang tao,” netizen Gie remarked.

As of writing, Melai has yet to give any response to the criticisms her children received from the netizens.

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