Tito Sotto insists that TAPE has no right to celebrate Eat Bulaga’s 44th anniv: “EB Ceased to be EB when TVJ left them”

E.A.T host Tito Sotto insisted that Television and Production Exponents (TAPE) Inc. had no right to celebrate the 44th anniversary of Eat Bulaga.

In his tweet, Sotto said that Eat Bulaga was gone when the so-called ‘Legit Dabarkads’ left the show on May 31, 2023.

“Tape inc has absolutely no right to celebrate 44 years. They existed only in 1981. They did not exist in 1979. EB ceased to be EB when TVJ left them,” said Sotto.

He also responded to Paolo Contis’s statement who said that they were affected by being called ‘Fake Bulaga’ by critics.

Sotto asked the Eat Bulaga host if they should think of a new name if they didn’t really want to be called fake.

Netizens were expecting that Paolo who’s known for giving speeches during closing spiels of Eat Bulaga would respond to Sotto’s comment.

It can be recalled that TVJ already asked the court to stop TAPE Inc. from using Eat Bulaga title, its theme song, and its popular segments, saying that they were created by the hosts and staff who had already left the production company.


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