Angelica Panganiban nagreklamo sa pagkain na inihain sa kanya ng isang restaurant

Angelica Panganiban couldn’t hide her disappointment after she discovered that the chicken burger served to her was raw.

In an Instagram post, Angelica publicly called the newly established international fast-food restaurant for their alleged negligence in maintaining their food standards.

In the photo she posted, it can be seen that Angelica already took a bite of the burger before realizing that the chicken was still pinkish, a sign that the meat was undercooked.

“I think hilaw?” Angelica asked the restaurant.

An undercooked chicken, when eaten, might cause illness to its consumer.

Unlike beef and fish, chicken meat has a high presence of pathogens, including Salmonella, which might cause upset stomach and infections.

If cooked right, chicken meat was safe to consume.

As of writing, the restaurant has yet to give a response to Angelica’s complaint.

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