Vice Ganda reportedly ignores Jessica Soho during the GMA Gala

Vice Ganda and Jessica Soho didn’t meet during the GMA Gala Night 2023 after the comedian reportedly evaded the award-winning journalist.

According to the report by Glitter Channel, Vice didn’t pursue talking to Jessica after the journalist was rumored to refuse the idea of letting the comedian appear on one of her shows in GMA.

The Facebook page added that Vice and Jessica were very near to each other during the event, but the two refused to interact with each other.


The possible meeting between Vice and Jessica would have been one of the most talked about topics during the event.

It can be recalled that Vice and Jessica had a longtime feud after the comedian made an insensitive joke about the journalist during his concert in 2013.


Vice admitted that he tried to reach Jessica personally, but his efforts turned out to be a failure.

It was the opposite of what happened to Ogie Diaz and Suzette Doctolero, who hugged each other when they met at the Gala after years of criticizing each other.


As of writing, Vice has yet to confirm if he saw Jessica during the event.

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