74-year-old jeepney driver receives help from the owner of the vehicle he sideswiped

Netizens were touched by a story of a 74-year-old jeepney driver who, instead of being obligated to pay for the damages of the van that he sideswiped, even received help from the owner of the vehicle.

In a Facebook post, Kamz Alvarez shared how she was touched by the story of the jeepney driver who’s still working despite his old age.

According to Alvarez, her relatives asked the driver to pay the damages. Still, when she was informed that the old man’s salary would be deducted by his operator, they stopped demanding money from him.


“So dahil tulog na ko, they asked for his id and yung operator ang nagbayad sana sa “damage” na kakaltasin sa sahod ni tatay.” Alvarez narrated.

“Imagine sguro kung may means lang sya d na sya papasada ng jeep. Sabi ko ibalik na lang yung money skanya at isuprise sya with bigas and groceries,” she also said.

Instead, they decided to help the driver, who was visibly not fit to work already, by giving him groceries.


“My dad was before a tricycle driver, and I can vividly remember when I was in grade school he was begging the LTO officer not to get his license dahil wala syang pantubos,” she said.


“When I talked to Tatay he was so relieved and thankful, kasi nagmamaintenance pa pala sya. Di daw sya nakatulog kagabi kasi d nya alam paano nya babayaran yun,” she added.

The photo reached thousands of shares and positive reaction from the netizens.

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