Netizen notices Bea Alonzo’s resemblance to Dominic Roque’s grandmother

Bea Alonzo’s engagement with her longtime boyfriend Dominic Roque had gone viral on social media, and the celebrity couple received thousands of congratulatory messages from the netizens.

While the two were enjoying their moments as an engaged couple, several netizens on social media noticed that Bea resembled Dominic’s grandmother Zeny Tamayo.


They noticed that Mrs. Tamayo younger self and Bea both had mestiza features, and their nose, lips, and face structure were also the same.

The two special ladies in Dominic’s life had already met and quickly had a bond.


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There was a belief that some men were attracted to women who resembled their mother or grandmother, and it was also possibly the case for Bea and Dominic.

However, there was a science behind the said phenomenon that stated that it’s not unnatural for men to be attracted to people who look like the woman who raised them.

An experiment found that men were likely to choose to have partners with the same eye color or hair color as their mothers.


According to other studies, ‘imprinting’ might be the answer to why some men or women were attracted to people who resembled their parents.


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