Pahayag ni Lea Salonga sa mga gumagamit ng cellphone sa loob ng Teyatro, kumalat muli sa social media

Lea Salonga went viral in the past few days after a video showing her lecturing a group of Filipino fans about protocols had been uploaded on social media.

It could be remembered that businessman Christopher Carpila entered Lea’s dressing room even if they were not included on the guest list.

Lea could be seen as baffled and started questioning Christopher’s group as she didn’t recognize the businessman.

After becoming viral, Lea then posted a message on her social media page reminding the netizens that they should not cross her boundaries.

Amid the issue, another statement from Lea about theatre etiquette had been recirculated on social media.

In 2019, Lea criticized the people who were using their phones during theatre and concert performances, calling them disrespectful.

“So yeah. More cellphone users at plays and concerts. You guys have zero manners, zero breeding, zero empathy. If all you’re gonna do while sitting in the front row of a play is hunch over your phone, do everyone a favour and leave. Your presence is disruptive and disrespectful to the actors and the audience.” she said.

“Money may get you theater tickets and your state of the art cellphone, but it can’t buy you class,” she added.

Aside from using cellphones, Lea also urged the theater-goers to avoid singing along with the cast.

“The theater isn’t a karaoke bar. Try not to sing along. The rest of the audience paid to hear THE CAST sing. Not you,” she stated.

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