Regine Tolentino, ikinuwento kung bakit siya nakitaan habang sumasayaw sa It’s Showtime: “Twice siyang lumabas”

Regine Tolentino narrated the story behind the wardrobe malfunction that happened during her performance on It’s Showtime, which was aired on live television.

It can be recalled that on the July 14 episode of It’s Showtime, Regine was not aware that a part of her costume already fell and kept dancing.

Fortunately, the staff of the noontime show quickly did their best to protect Regine during her performance.

In her vlog, Regine showed how her costume was made overnight, which might be attributed to the incident.

She also shared their practice and preparation before the said performance.

“Everything seems to be secured during our preparation, but just so happens that when you’re on stage, you can’t control everything and I think might have danced a little to hard and it came out,” she said.

“Nakakahiya, twice siyang lumabas during my performance and I was absolutely terrified,” she added.

Even after she realized what happened, Regine said that she kept her composure to finish her dance number.

After her performance, the dancer said that she really wanted to cry, but It’s Showtime family quickly comforted her.

Before the vlog ends, Sheree Bautista expresses her support for Regine.

Sheree even joked that people would never see the incident again as It’s Showtime family had already erased the said performance on the internet.

“Ang ganda po ng n*pp*es ni miss reg, sayang hindi niyo po makikita,” Sheree said in jest.

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