Noli de Castro, TV patrol hosts in disbelief on Ricci Rivero’s ‘1-year no laundry’ habit: “Parang side A side B ganon?”

Noli de Castro and several TV patrol hosts couldn’t stop themselves talking about the revelation made by Andrea Brillantes against her ex-boyfriend Ricci Rivero.

During the closing spiel of the Kapamilya news show, De Castro and other anchors, Alvin Elchico and Bernadette Sembrano, tried to figure out how Ricci could not wash his clothes for a year like what Andrea spilled.

“Anong isang taon? Isang taong hindi naglo-laundry ng alin?” Echico asked after watching the news about Andrea’s interview with Vice Ganda.

“Mga damit siguro ano ba ang ilo-laundry,” De Castro responded.

“O, e bakit isang taon? Parang side A at side B ganu’n?” Echico asked.

Sembrano couldn’t stop herself from laughing while listening to her co-hosts.

The discussion went further, and the hosts tried to make some theories on how Ricci managed such a feat.

“Baka naman naiwan niya sa sa trunk ng kotse ‘yung kanyang damit kaya isang taon hindi nalabhan?” Sembrano stated.

De Castro then said that it was possible that Ricci was not using his clothes again.

“Baka naman ang kanyang mga damit, e, wash and wear? Or never wash, just wear,” the veteran broadcaster said.

As of writing, Ricci has yet to respond to Andrea’s revelations.

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