Lea Salonga refuses a groufie with Filipino producer in New York: “Who are you? I don’t know you”

Singer Lea Salonga went viral on social media after she was video recorded while refusing to pose for a photo with three Filipino fans, including the show’s producer.

In a Facebook post, Lea can be seen inside a dressing room where the three individuals entered without her permission.

One of the fans could be heard asking for a photo with Lea, but the singer was confused how the three fans entered the room.

“Who are you? I’m sorry, I don’t know who you are,” Lea asked.

The fans pleaded with Lea, but the singer informed them that they were not allowed to enter her dressing room without being included on the guest list.

According to her, if she followed their request, other people might also follow suit and enter her dressing room without her permission.

“If you’re not on the guest list we cannot have you back here. So, you’ll have to get to the door because if I allow this now then other people are gonna take advantage,” she explained.

However, she asked the three Filipino fans to wait outside the dressing room.

“I’ll see you at the door but don’t go outside. Stay inside the door. Kasi kung wala sa listahan, hindi namin puwede ipasok. For security. Please don’t do that again,” she said.

The three fans later on successfully took a photo with Lea.

Lea was currently in New York to perform for her Musical “Here Lies Love.”

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