Ellen Adarna says she does not know about Awra Briguela: “It’s not my business. I’m not interested”

Ellen Adarna told her fans that she never heard about Kapamilya actor Awra Briguela and was not interested in knowing him.

In her Instagram story, Ellen was asked by a netizen about her opinion on the issue involving Awra, who got involved in a heated confrontation that resulted in him being put behind bars.

At first, Ellen seems to misunderstand the question, saying that she does not have any ‘aura’ to go out and do some activities.

“Lately ‘day, sa labas, I think, this month, wala akong aura, wala akong rampa,” said Ellen.

“Kahit na gabi na. Wala akong aura at all. Lutang. Maybe next month. I’ve been busy this month, so, wala, haggard. Zero aura, zero rampa,” she added.

A netizen then clarified the question for Ellen, saying that she’s being asked about the 19-year-old Kapamilya talent.

The actress admitted that she’s not a fan of celebrity news.

“I don’t really know and it’s not my business. I’m not interested. I don’t follow showbiz, tabloid, tsika-tsika,” she said.

“I don’t know Awra. This is my kind of aura now,”  she added.


@bethaglasi Usapang “AWRA” 😂 Awra Briguela pla! #ellenadarna #qand #fyp #awra ♬ original sound – Beth Aglasi

It can be recalled that Awra refused to speak until today about the incident despite receiving support from his friends and fans.

However, the actor also gained critics after the authorities released the CCTV footage showing the uncooperative behavior of Awra before the heated confrontation.

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