Lito Lapid suggests to combine ‘Wow Philippines’, ‘Love the Philippines’ and ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines’: ‘Para wala nang away’

Sen. Lito Lapid suggested that the Department of Tourism (DOT) should just combine the ‘Love the Philippines’ and ‘I’ts more fun in the Philippines’ slogans to end the argument among the netizens.

In a statement, Lapid said that the two slogans only meant the same thing, so he saw no problem combining them.


He also urged the people to move on and focus on more important things like promoting the country.

“Whatever slogan is used, it is just one message. For me, we must join our hands and pursue a better tourism campaign to attract more foreign and local tourists, which I dubbed as “Wow, It’s More Fun! Love, the Philippines!” said Lapid.


“But levity aside, one thing is clear, everyone is of one mind in working to push for a successful tourism industry that would not only help our economy but would also uplift the lives of many of our countrymen. 

“Let us all move on from this matter and work together in making this campaign successful for our country,” 


It can be recalled that DOT faced controversy after discovering that some of the footage shown on a video made for the ‘Love the Philippines’ campaign was taken outside the country.


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