Keanna Reeves says she couldn’t count the celebrities she ‘tasted’: ‘Isang beses lang tayo mabubuhay. Tikiman lang’

Actress Keanna Reeves proudly admitted that she didn’t waste an opportunity when it comes to dating celebrities, models and other popular figures.

In an interview with Morly Alinio, Keanna said that she couldn’t count the people she ‘tasted’ during her career as an actress, believing that ‘you only live once.’

“Hindi ba marami kang artistang naka-chorvahan?” Morly asked.

“Oo naman. Walang pinapalampas sa akin ‘yan,” said Keanna. “Kaya nga ‘di ko na mabilang, e-artista, model, artista. I enjoy life talaga kasi isang beses lang tayo mabubuhay.

However, she clarified that she had no romantic feelings among the celebrities she dated and only wanted to experience them.

“Oo kasi ayoko naman mag-jowa, kasi alam ko naman na walang seryoso, tikiman lang,” she stated.

She even revealed having a relationship with a celebrity who was one of the love team of actress Lovie Poe.

They didn’t reveal the exact name of the actor.

According to Keanna, veteran columnist Cristy Fermin even discovered her relationship with the actor, but even if the rumours about them circulated, they continued dating for another month.

The actress also mentioned another celebrity who’s part of Star Magic.

But at that time, she was worried about the celebrity’s career because it might affect his career if someone ever discovered their act.

Keanna said that younger men were seeking her because of ‘curiousity’.

The interview already reached 350,000 views as of writing.

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